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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to become Thailand's most comprehensive, trusted and globally recognised Thailand Real Estate Agency.

It is our intention to have Offices and professional and knowledgeable staff in every major Thai Tourist destination by the year 2015.

Combined with our industry knowledge and our companies best practise policy and the capital that we have injected into the business, as well as our already well established reputation in Thailand we aim to become the Number one Real Estate Agency in Thailand.

Basic Management Principles

Mutual trust and communication
Our actions towards one another should be driven by mutual trust, integrity, honesty and open communication epitomised by management and employees.

Identification with the corporate objectives
We identify with the corporate objectives and are motivated to achieve them.

Delegation of authority and responsibility
From corporate objectives we derive individual goals which we delegate within our organisation encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and actions to achieve our goals.

Acceptance of change and commitment to quality
We strive for an attitude of flexibility to accept change, and to work diligently towards constant improvement of existing products and services incorporating that principle so our knowledge and capability are able to meet constantly new requirements. We support personal initiative with suitable measures of training and professional advancement.

Teamwork and project management
We demand and support team effort and project management in an un-bureaucratic and results-oriented form.

Measurement of the success
We measure our success in terms of the achievement of our objectives and the adherence to our principles. Achievement of results is not measured to exercise control, but is a motivation objective and should create the basis for renewed and continued improvement.

Business Principles

Total focus on customers and markets
We see customer focus as a business principle for our success; it is, therefore, our task to align our corporate organization and the conduct of our employees to meet or to exceed the expectations of our customers. We must bring the will to accept change and to adapt to new conditions in the market, new products and services and constant change in expectations of our customers. Innovative ability and constant improvement of technical competence Innovative products and services combined with advanced web based technology always were and continue to be the basis for our business success, allowing us to offer outstanding progress to our customers. Our most important mission is to increase our capabilities, to expand our knowledge and to foster all processes that ensure continuous innovative ideas in our group. We wish to concentrate on our traditional markets where we are strong and competitive and to engage in new activities with the objective of optimizing profitability for our franchisees and our company.

Orientation towards productivity and profitability
It is our task to organize internal processes so economically that we achieve adequate profits and generate capital to finance our growth and to achieve our corporate objectives. Innovative products and services as well as focus on customer and market needs are essential for this, but, by themselves, they are not sufficient criteria. Consistent cost-management and continuous improvement of our internal processes and logistics are essential instruments of corporate management in all competitive and economic situations. We are concentrating on activities that create value and eliminate redundancies and complexity and seek simple, decentralised structures.

Financial autonomy
We wish to preserve our financial independence and thereby determine our operative and strategic goals. Shareholder value is important for us, however, with a long-term perspective and balanced with our commitment to our employees and their job security. Financial independence and a high equity base are essential factors of strength for us.

Management style based on partnership and continuous employee development
We support our employees and maintain a management style based on partnership principles. Mutual trust and respect, effective communication, identification with corporate objective, delegation of responsibility, acceptance of change, adherence to quality, responsible behaviour towards society and community, working in teams and in project structure are all part of our leadership and management philosophy.

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